About Me

Hi, I’m Howard. I am a recovering alcoholic for 42 years, and I can be reached at coffeyconslt@live.com. I have been involved in a recovery program that deals with hurts, habits, mistakes, miseries and (bad) memories for the past 10 years. I have been in prison ministry 40 plus years, and my personal surveys that I have done over the last four or five years show that 70 to 80% of the inmates are there because of drugs or alcohol abuse. An inmate may be incarcerated for murder, but most likely it was a drug deal gone bad, or they could be incarcerated for stealing, but they needed to supply their habit.

There Is Hope

Because of personal knowledge about chemical abuse, I wrote an eBook, Choosing Recovery. The eBook is available on the website listed on this page. Choosing Recovery is in a workbook form that can be used in your recovery process. I’m not trying to sell you a copy although I do advertise it for sale. If you email me at howard@habitshurts.com, I will send you a copy, free online. With the copy you can call us for help and support as you make the effort to walk away from your hurts, habits, mistakes, miseries and (bad) memories. We offer this help during normal business hours of 9 to 4 CMT.

If you suffer from anger, abuse, a gambling habit or other habits, our online course can help. We are a faith-based course because statistics show that faith-based courses have a 40% success rate.

If I can help, feel free to contact me at the above email address. I have learned to make money online, and the following banner can show you how as well.





Author of Choosing Recovery