Awake The Successful Giant Lying Within

As a youngster, your mother may have taught you to say a prayer before you went to bed. Mine was a simple one, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” The simple prayer has in it a line, “If I should die before I wake.” I think for most of us adults, the line should be changed to “If I should awake before I die.” Many adults are walking around asleep while the world passes them by. Let’s look at some ways we are sleeping.

Mundane Jobs

Many of us work in mundane jobs for low pay with little to no appreciation for the work we do. The thought of going to work everyday to this job drives you crazy. However, to date you can’t seem to find a logical reason to leave this one.

With these thoughts in mind, it becomes natural to drink or use illegal substances to help with the pain and boredom of being trapped in a life you never dreamed would happen to you.

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Your childhood dreams weren’t filled with such a meaningless lifestyle.

You dreamed of nice cars, a beautiful home, a wife and children. Most likely you have or had the wife and kids. They are the reason you work in your mundane job and have developed a serious habit of using and/or drinking.

Low productivity

You are operating far below the level of productivity that you are capable of producing; however, you have never gotten the chance to prove your worth. The big chance at moving up seems to go to someone else less capable than yourself. Does this sound like your life on review?

So here you are, stuck in the same old job, another day, but the same old outcome!

Never living your dreams

You have never lived the dreams you had or perhaps still have them stuck away, buried in the lower recesses of your mind. You know who you are and who you could become if only you ever had the chance.

Does this sound like you? Could it be that your habits and miseries continue to trap you in the same old routine? It is possible to become the person you are capable of being, but you need to find the “new you” that lies inside.

A friend of mine said, “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” His name is Chris Scott, and we know him as The Teddy Bear. His statement had an impact on my life.

Zig Ziglar said, “If you keep doing the things you are doing, you’ll keep getting the things you are getting.”

Could it be that you need to quit doing the things you are doing? I was with a group of men doing Celebrate Recovery in jail recently, and each to the man said that they needed to quit doing the things they were doing because the choices made had gotten them where they were.

Purpose and Potential Never Reached

When you get stuck in your everyday situation, you never reach the potential for which you are capable. You have so much more that you want to achieve. Remember, if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Get busy and change the pictures and thoughts that you allow to play on the television screen of you mind.

If you keep listening to the same voices everyday, you will never fulfill the purpose for which you were designed, either. You have a purpose and a calling so much greater than the one you are experiencing. So begin to form your own voice of success that is free from habits, mistakes and miseries.

Commitment Is Lacking

The only thing you lack is a quality decision to quit doing whatever it is that is holding you back. Bob Proctor was a young man who owed over $4000 in the 1960’s. The amount was a fortune then.

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He began seeing himself as being successful, and within three months time, he acquired an enormous business, paid his debts and has made millions practicing the art of seeing in his mind and holding it in his hands. For you, get committed to your dreams!

Solutions Available

Finally, there are solutions available to help you become the new you. I have an eBook, Choosing Recovery, that is free for the asking. ==>Get It Here. It is a work in progress for you, and along with your quality decision to change, the eBook can help you in any recovery you may need. Get your copy today.

As always, if I can help, leave questions and/or comments on this post. I will get back with you really soon!





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