On Rock Bottom Can Occur without Alcohol Relapse

How long since you felt that you had fallen off the wagon and were on the bottom? Usually, the feeling comes when you have relapsed. I learned this week that it can happen without ever using or drinking.

On The Bottom Without Relapse

I know you are thinking, “It can’t happen. You can’t be on the bottom unless you have slipped and fell.”

Can I tell you that you can without using or having a drink. You can be on rock bottom when your friends relapse. Two men I have worked with for lots of years relapsed this week. I felt a bit let down. However, I learned a valuable lesson. If you are going to help people in recovery, you must remember that recovery goes on for a lifetime.

I took for granted that these two men were fine. I didn’t listen to their talk nor look for the signs. I guess the only way to avoid the pain is to never get involved. Yet, I must stay involved. I give myself as an example of one who can fight and win the battle against mistakes, miseries and (bad) memories.

Never Give Up

Too often people want to be involved in rehab of others as long as things are going all rosy. However, when the way becomes strewn with a bit of failure, these good-time workers want to bail out. Even one of Jesus’ closest companions let him down. Never give up if you are helping those with hurts and habits simply because something goes wrong.

Always Stay Upbeat

Regardless of the circumstances remain positive. I know that I am ok. I know that the two men will once again return to the correct way of life for themselves. I know that they will take all the training they have received and begin their new life over. I will be there to help them get back on track. That’s my role! That’s who I am!

Watch Yourself Lest You Be Tempted

One of our rules in recovery is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. These two men forgot the rules of disengagement. If we aren’t strong enough, stay away from people who are using or drinking. Keep your distance from the old places where we can acquire the stuff. Avoid the triggers that cause us to think about using or drinking. If you have been in recovery for a period of time, you know all the who, what, and why you are to avoid them.

Quality Decision Required

Avoiding relapse requires quality decisions. Everyday you have to decide if you will or you won’t. You are the only one who can make the decision. Your support team cannot make decisions for you. Neither can your sponsor help you make decisions. You alone can decide if you are sober or not.

People are divided

There are those such as myself who want you to succeed. Those on your side will help in any way that they can. I’ll give you my online eBook, Choosing Recovery. The manual/workbook can show you step by step how to regain your new life. However, know that there are those around who know that you can’t make it. They have been telling everyone that you will fall off the wagon. Don’t listen to them! Make your decision to quit, and remain steadfast to that decision. You can do it, and there are many who will help.

If I can help, leave a comment, and I will get back really soon.


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