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At habits and hurts we are all about your recovery. All our posts and pages will point to helpful ideas that can direct you towards the recovery of any habit, or hurt,

Your Recovery

mistake, misery or (bad) memory. It is these things that keep you awake at night. They leave you hopeless and anemic in your relationships, your careers and in your spiritual life. Do not allow yourself to lose hope. There is always ways to combat the things that have your life tied in knots. That’s what is about. Helping relieve your life of all the pain and misery brought about by your habits, hurts, miseries, mistakes and (bad) memories.

Perhaps you suffer from having been or are being abused. We will blog about abuse on here. Remember if you are being abused, it isn’t your fault. No one should have to suffer abuse of any kind. If you find yourself in an abusive situation, figure a way out. I have talked with some women in prison who used murder to get out of a situation that looked hopeless. All wished they had never done the act. All agreed that there was a better way out for them; however, at the time killing their spouse looked like the only way out. Can I tell you that there’s a better way, and we will attempt to show you as we travel our paths together. So if all looks bleak, hang in there because there are answers to your problems. Email me,, and I will walk with you through your road that leads away from an abusive situation.

Is This You

Do you need recovery from gambling? Gambling is an addictive habit that has gotten many into serious financial trouble and even jail time. We believe that we can help with your gambling habit. We have a program that can help you with the trap you have fallen into. All it takes is a quality decision on your part.