What to do to Change Your Picture


Too often you get locked in to a picture you have formed of yourself. You see all the things you have done in the past, and you begin to think of yourself as this person. In order to change the old picture of you, begin to change your thought processes.

Change Your Picture

One of the best ways to change the picture you have of yourself is to paint a different picture. You begin this process by writing down who you want to be. What do you do that determines who you are?

What things do you do that irritates you? Who do you want to become? How much money do you want to make?

So, take a piece of paper and divide it down the middle. On the left side of the page write who you think you are. Then on the left side of the page write who you will become.

Next, take another piece of paper and list only those things from the right side of the paper. List them in BOLD letters.

Take the paper you divided in half and listed all the old traits of yourself on it. Either burn it! Or trash it! That is no longer who you are.

You are now the new paper person! For the next 21 days, begin to live as though you are the person on your paper.

Visualize in your mind this person! See her/him before your eyes. Read the characteristics of the new you everyday.


Why Do All This

The reason for seeing the new picture of you in your mind is so the subconscious mind can help you create the real you. A friend of mine, Chris Scott, said, “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” That’s why you put this new picture of yourself in your mind.

The new person will become a reality if you decide to change.

Go on! Do this. After all, it is for you!





Next: Change What You Do

You are seeing yourself differently. Now it is time to act differently. What did you used to do everyday? Did you drink, smoke, do drugs?

Then quit! Make a decision to change not only who you are but what you do. Sometimes the things you do are causing you to be who you are.

You are allowing things to make a determination of yourself. You are not that person at all. Look at your paper above!

You May Have to Change People

Are your “friends” holding you back? Sometimes our friends shape our lives, give us images of who we are, keep us from being the new/real you!

That is not who you are! Check your paper again. Do these people fit with you on your paper? If not, CHANGE THEM!

Remember, What You Do Isn’t Who You Are

You never need to allow the things you do or have done define you. You can change that picture of yourself today. Whatever lies in the past that you are allowing to define you isn’t who you really are. You are different today. You can become more different tomorrow. You simply begin to see yourself differently.

Do you have a habit you don’t like? Change your thoughts about this habit. Your habits can’t define you! Do you harbor some hurt from the past?

Your hurts cannot define you!

Change your thoughts about your hurts. If you have been abused in the past, I know the hurt you feel. Remember this one thing.

YOU WERE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT WRONG! Change your picture of you and walk away from that hurt.

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