You Can Learn How To Live In The Present

There are some of you whose entire life is spent living in the past. You regret all the things you have done. The past has you so bound that it seems impossible to get on with the present. If a habit was developed during the past, most likely you are still living in it. Psychologists tell us that chemical dependent persons have a tendency to remain in the chronological age at which time they became dependent on the chemical. This could explain why a 61-year old at the bar tries to act and dress like 16–other than being dyslexic.

Have You Suffered from Abuse

One of the hardest elements of most people’s difficulty to get over is the past of someone who had been physically or sexually abused. I have no idea what you go through each day. I have talked with many inmates who were abused as youngsters, and nearly all of them still live in the past with their abuse. I’m confident that Choosing Recovery can help you deal with your past hurts and bad memories. The free eBook has helped many people deal with an abusive lifestyle.

Can You Give An Account of Your Life

However, living in the past never allows you to move forward with your life. Yes, you may become very successful. You could amass large amounts of money. With you still living in the past, the hurts never leave you. They have kept you from becoming the real you. Your past has held you back on a personal and social level. You find it hard to get along with others at work, in the neighborhood or even at church because of the way you still view and live in your past.

Are You Stuck in Your Present Life

You see, living in the past usually keeps you stuck in your present life. You are stuck in your life because:

  • can’t move beyond your past
  • your present consists of a mundane lifestyle
  • working below your capabilities and potential
  • may be habits with drugs and alcohol that have you stuck
  • sub-par income with no future in sight
  • more bills than income

You keep getting farther and farther in debt with no end in sight. Listen, there is hope! Click the link for help.

What Will It Take to Leave

Understand that on your own, it will be most difficult to become unstuck from your past. I have watched as many people have tried it on their own without success. To get rid of your past, it will take a quality decision. You will need to be very serious about wanting to leave the past behind. Your past has been your friend for a long time, and it will be very hard to leave your old friend behind. So a decision to try to leave it will fail,Image result for quality choices but a real quality one to get rid of him will be the first step


towards success. Next, you will need a support group along with some real helpful information. Many who struggle with their past go to a rehab for a lengthy period of time. You can get support at home with our Choosing Recovery eBook. So, to get rid of the past:

  • make a quality decision
  • be very serious about it
  • get rid of your best friend, your past
  • find a support group
  • get support at home with Choosing Recovery

Never Allow the Past to Dictate Your Present or Future

One goal, not only a goal but a rule to live by, is never allow the past to dictate your present or future. Living in the past is like driving your car looking through the rear view mirror.

  • There will surely be bumps along the way if you do. Today you can make the decision to get unstuck and become the real you. There is help and there is hope. Contact us today for a brighter tomorrow.


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